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gîte La Cazelle

on the Causse Noir
All year round you can discover nature by hiking, horseriding, mountain biking, rock climbing, paraflying, caving and sailing in Chanet...
gorges and corniches
path nested in Causse Noir woods
mountain biking along corniches, during Natural Raid 2006
counter-diving panorama on Vase de Sèvres
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Trout fishing in the mountain streams
The wild orchids of the Causses...
natural dam across Jonte, zooming will reveal a heron to you
Click for zoom 64 Kospringtime cascade
Click for zoom 67 Komartagon lily( lilium ~ )

orchis bouc

Canoeing in the River Tarn,
swimming, picnics...
Canoe on Tarn, in the Straits, during Natural Raid 2006Large Carline Thistle ( Carlina Acanthifolia), currently named « cardabelle » or « cardoule »

Mushroom season
Dear calling (mating season)...
It's there a cepe ? Isn't it ? No, is another mushroom !a dear in autumna big basket full of cepesThe dear call
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The joy of snow with the skiing station...
Alpine and Nordic Skiing nearby
Hurrah for winter, snow and sledgemagnificent winter
Click for zoom 57 Koenjoy skiing

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