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gîte La Cazelle

on the Causse Noir
From Natural Richnesses to Art Works, passing through Roquefort Tasting, Roads of Causse Noir will drive you all along an unforgettable journey. Then you will be able to discover :

grotte de Dargilan, Aven Armand, Abîme de Bramabiau.
Dargilan Cave, Eau d'ArtificeDargilan Cave, The BelltowerDargilan Cave, Fountain Hall

Les Grands Causses, Les Gorges de la Jonte, Les Gorges du Tarn, Le Mont Aigoual, Montpellier Le Vieux.
The Causse NoirGorges of JonteGorges of Tarn, view from Roc des Hourtous
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Gorges of Tarn, The StraitsTwo vultures overflying causses

Les Caves de Roquefort, La Maison des Vautours, Le Viaduc de Millau, Des paysages charges d’Histoire.
Vulture high in summer skyThe famous Buffre cross
Click for zoom 44 KoThe Millau Viaduct ( sept. 2008 ) 
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Page TopQuite enjoy your holiday in the area of the Great Causses, Aigoual Mount, Cevennes, Gorges du Tarn and JontePage Top
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